'The Epic in the Intimate'

The Epic in the Intimate began as a response to the issue of size. An insistence by other people to make the work bigger because everyone knows bigger is better. Bigger is louder; it shouts for attention. Yet I did not want to shout what I had to say I wanted to say with quiet force.

I went looking to tell an epic internal story on an intimate level. I transcribed twelve emotional memories from my past into physical objects. Sculptures of women whose very bodies, both in pose and material, reflect the emotional turmoil. Spanning the years from school to the end of my higher education, they are a meditation on my memories.

The images above are of ‘Chapter 1: Cliff Edge’ and ‘Chapter 12: Leap’.

 Spring 2016

12 indivudal sculptures

Sandwashed silk to jacquard pleated cotton

Copyright © Phoebe Corker-Marin 2020