My visual language is small, handheld sized, figurative sculptures constructed from fabric. They are very tactile objects yet few people ever get to touch them. So I want to explore how I can communicate the making process and the physicality of the materials.

Below are a series of photographs and diagrams from a piece titled ‘Distain of Youth’.

'Unimpressed subject'

Reference photos of two poses for pair of sculptures

'A handful of pattern pieces⁠'

All the 2D pattern pieces needed to make a 3D sculpture

'Many Maquettes'

Three maquettes needed to perfect the poses

'Evolution of the backside'⁠
Such subtle alterations needed to the patterns

'Cobbled together'⁠

Sewn together from swatches and scraps

'Distain of Youth' (2019)

Copyright © Phoebe Corker-Marin 2020